Updated: May 30, 2017


During June 2017 we will be working with Water For Small Villages Inc in Aapchour, Nepal where we will install an electric pump system to lift water 300 feet up to the village of 400 people. We will lay pipe, construct a water tank and install public faucets to deliver clean drinking water to the village.
We hope to identify and scope a project in the Tacloban, Philippines which was devastated by a typhoon in 2013. There has been a serious water contamination issue in the region and we hope to identify a suitable water purification system for the people of Tacloban.
Several organization working in Cuba are in desperate need of assistance addressing water contamination issues. Cuba has suffered a serious drought and public drinking water systems are commonly contaminated. We plan to assist churches on the island that try to provide clean drinking water.

Our Crew

Rick has over 30 years of experience working with water management in South Florida and is a project management professional(PMP). He holds degrees in Oceanography, Engineering and Information Management and has a passion for working with communities in remote locations.
Cordella is a geographic information science professional(GISP)and has over 30 years of experience working in water management in South Florida. She has a degree in geography and has lead teams on humanitarian missions for 15 years. She has worked on projects in Honduras, Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal.
Madhav is a professional hydro-data manager and has over 30 years experience working in water management in South Florida. He manages data for large regional water monitoring projects and was instrumental on our first project in Kabilash, Nepal. Madhav is a cultural liaison and governmental coordinator.
Launched May 30, 2017!

Project Steps

We study the problem and assess the need before we begin to plan our projects. We meet with people of the village, learn about their struggles, their culture, the causes of the problem, the available resources, the level of skill and the desire to work together in making improvements.

We take time to plan as suitable solution that will be sustainable. We carefully listen to the people and seek input from others who may have worked in a similar location. We search for technology old and new. We search for sources of clean water, material, labor, energy and logistics. When we select a way to solve the problem we make sure we have the agreement of the people in the village who will own and maintain the system after it is installed.

We use several methods to raise funds for our projects. We contribute our own money, time and effort. We sell items on eBay. We hold events, house parties and yard sales. We accept donations and we seek funding partners who have similar goals and work together to leverage our efforts. Our overhead is 0% of our project cost. ZERO! That means 100% of our donations go towards our projects. Our team members gratefully cover the cost to run our organization (annual registration, meeting space, website, fundraising and misc administration costs). Our projects are managed by volunteers who have accomplished their basic career goals and are now focused on giving back to communities. Every detail is laid out in our financial disclosure.

When everything is in place we take action. Once we start, our projects usually take less than 3 weeks to complete. We work directly along side the community. We try to utilize locally available resources whenever possible, including: supplies, labor, housing, transportation and food. We try to bring as much benfit to the community as we can while we are there. We share knowledge, we bring supplies, we support the local economy and we bring much needed attention to the local issue that brought us there.


I'm happy to support TVWC after seeing the great results you brough to the people of Kabilash Nepal in 2016.

R. Brown, Manager ret.

We are very happy to lend our financial and spiritual support to the work you are doing.

P. Miller, Executive ret.

About The Tiny Village Water Company

We are not a non-profit but we may become one some day.

We are funded through other non-profits, charities, temples and churches.

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